Message from the President

  • President & CEO Hideto Yanagawa

    President & CEO Masakatsu Yasuguchi

    Our company was first established as Nippon Rensui Co., Ltd. in 1952 to manufacture and sell water treatment systems using ion-exchange resins (DIAIONTM), and separation and purification systems. Since then, we have developed a business to offer suitable solutions for our customer’s needs while integrating wastewater treatment business using hollow fiber membrane technology of Mitsubishi Chemical Group and groundwater membrane filtration services.

    Today, the importance of water resources is being recognized more than ever as a result of climate change and globalization. We make propositions, as we do our daily business, to solve various social issues by making the most of our long-nurtured knowledge and experience on “materials”, “equipment”, and “services” of water treatment. Meanwhile, we aim to be a solution provider to contribute to sustainability of our customer’s business by combining various technologies related to food, agriculture, medicine, and industry under “KAITEKI Vision 30” that aims at realizing a society where many of the current issues are solved by 2050, and during the course, we also aspire to achieve our own sustainable growth.

    Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd., as a member of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group, will continue to develop products and services to create new values for our customers and to realize “KAITEKI” society through our endless efforts to assure the three policies of “Safety first”, “Drive Compliance”, and “Safe Water Provision”.