Message from the President

  • President & CEO Hideto Yanagawa

    President & CEO Hideto Yanagawa

    As of April 1st, 2019, we have started our business as Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd., after combining the business operations of Wellthy Corporation and Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd.

    Former Wellthy Corporation, as a pioneer company in the field of groundwater membrane filtration systems, has been providing services that secures emergency water supply to customers such as public facilities, hospitals, shopping malls, factories, educational facilities and etc., since its establishment in 1985.

    On the other hand, former Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd., established in 1952, has been developing businesses such as design, manufacture and construction of pure-water generation equipment using ion exchange resins and membranes, separation and purification system for health food ingredients, wastewater treatment system that employs MBR (membrane bio-reactor) technology, water purification equipment for pharmaceutical factories and medical water purification equipment for hospitals and so on.

    By combining both businesses, we will be able to establish a system that allows us to propose various solutions of water treatment from upstream (drinking water supply) to downstream (wastewater treatment) to offer wider range of solutions as one-stop service in response to the needs of our customers in different fields.

    “Water” is a valuable resource that is indispensable for our life and industry development, both in Japan and overseas. The new company, Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd., will continue to develop products and services to make good use of such values of water resources while keeping in mind that we should provide value-added services. We will, then, continue our endless efforts to realize “KAITEKI” that Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation has proposed, to achieve “the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth.”

    April 2019