Business Lineup

  • Water Treatment & Production

    Water Treatment & Production

    Our “Decentralized (On-site) Water Treatment & Supply System” is a custom-designed plant that meets customers’ needs of water production volume and water quality. With experience of over 1,300 plants installation, we aim to establish a network that provides safe and reliable water supply.

  • Wastewater Treatment

    Wastewater Treatment

    We offer water treatment systems that employ technologies that suit different types of wastewater from many kinds of industries. One of the technologies used is the submerged hollow fiber membranes, which is used widely for treatment of sewage, industrial wastewater, recycling of wastewater, metal recovery and tertiary treatment. We have provided more than 3,600 plants worldwide.

  • Pure & Ultra-pure Water Production

    Pure & Ultra-pure Water Production

    We offer optimal water treatment systems that produce pure water for boiler, ultra-pure water for manufacturing of semiconductor and electronic devices, pure water for soft drink production and pure/ultra-pure water for various other processes. Our system can be mounted on a compact skid as a package so as to make construction and installation work very simple.

  • Separation & Purification (Ion Exchange Resins)

    Separation & Purification (Ion Exchange Resins)

    We have been supplying number of specialty plants to many industries such as sugar production, pharmaceuticals, functional food production, chemical and many more industries, under the key word of “Separation & Purification” with our extensive experience, expertise, and technology.
    Also, we’re the sole agent of DIAION TM, ion exchange resin produced by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan.

  • Medical Water Production Systems

    Medical Water Production Systems

    Our pharmaceutical water production system uses a water purification equipment based on hot water sterilization and electrical deionization-regeneration technologies and other systems developed with proprietary technology. Our equipment satisfies requirements for GMP of three standards (JP, USP, EP) with its rigorous production standards both in terms of software and hardware.

  • Hollow Fiber Membrane

    Hollow Fiber Membrane

    Mitsubishi Chemical’s hollow fiber membrane “STERAPORE” offers a wide range of filtration applications for separation, purification and concentration (i.e. wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, etc.). It is space-saving, easy to maintain and produces better quality water. The major use of this membrane is the MBR system and more than 5,000 projects adopting MBR have been developed all over the world.

  • Standard Filters

    Standard Filters

    We have more than 8 types and 100 models of standard water filtering equipment to meet customer needs. Our long experiences and accumulated technologies along with standardization enable short delivery time, reasonable price, and high performance of our products.

  • Hydroponics system for leafy vegetables

    Hydroponics System for Leafy Vegetables

    NapperlandTM enables more flexible cultivation to achieve higher productivity and profitability. Napperland is a new hydroponics system integrating capillary hydroponics and NFT. It enables planned production without being affected by the natural environment.

  • High-performance seedling production system

    High-performance Seedling Production System

    NAE Terrace™ is a seedling production system developed based on technology for closed vegetable production systems with artificial lighting. Control of temperature, light, water management, and other factors is automatic, so anyone can easily produce healthy, uniform seedlings.