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We have developed epoch-making filter named "RENSUI FIBER"using fiber as a filter media applicable to high turbidity removal. The fiber is filled thinly at the upper side and thickly at the lower which forms dual media filter and has high capacity of turbidity removal with low pressure loss. RENSUI FIBER has very high performance compared with the conventional filter and does not affect the effluent quality for the change of the turbidity in the raw water.

< Advantages >

High flux rate at maximum, LV=100 m/h
Save the space at one third of the conventional filter due to high flux rate and compact design
Flexibility for the turbidity change in the raw water
The effluent turbidity shows 0.1-1.0 mg/l for 5-50 mg/l of the influent turbidity at normal operation, ( < 2.0 mg/l for 100 mg/l at emergency by modifying the fiber filling method )
Easy maintenance because the fiber is made of cartridge type

< Application >

Pre treatment for process water
Pre treatment for ion exchange process
Turbidity removal from well water, river water, industrial water etc

< Specification & dimension >

Model Capacity(m3/h) Pipe size Dimension(mm) Space(mm) Weight(kgs)
REF-5S(F) 35 40A 3002600H 1900W1800D3570H 1200
REF-10S(F) 610 40A 4002600H 2000W1800D3650H 1500
REF-15S(F) 915 50A 5002600H 2300W1800D3800H 1800
REF-25S(F) 1525 65A 6502600H 2500W1800D4010H 2500
REF-50S(F) 3050 100A 9002850H 2800W1800D4000H 3000

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