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Separation & Purification

We, Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd. have been supplying many plants for separation and purification for many industrial fields such as pharmaceuticals, bio- industry, foods and other chemicals based on high quality ion exchange resins, DIAION and our fertile experience and technology.
We introduce our unique liquid treating processes and systems.

Chromatographic Separation
Refining Valuable Substance by Synthtic Adsorbents
Decolorization and Desalination of Sweeteners
Electrodialysis for Organic Substances, ex. Amino acids
Metal Membrane Filtration: Septer
Purified Pharmaceutical Water
Environment & Recycle application
Boron Recovery System
Phosphoric Acid Recovery
Sulfuric Acid Recovery
Noble Metal Recovery
Brine Purification
Secondary Brine Purification
Sulfate Removal
Catalytic Applications of Ion Exchange Resin

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