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Boron recovery system

< Summary >
Since a part of "Water pollution control law" was revised, "boron and its compounds" was recognized as the substance which affects the human health and the effluent standard of 10 mg/l for land area, 230 mg/l for sea area was determined on July 1st 2001.
We have developed the system which recovers boric acid in the waste water and reuse them with Nihon Denko who has environmental recycle business and is the manufacture of iron alloy with boron.

< Discharge source of boric acid >
From manufacturing process
  Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, soap, galvanizing, glass, china, enamel
From by-product
  Waste water from dust incinerator, reclaimed land, geothermal power station, sulfur removal from smoke

< Concept for introducing the treatment system >
1. Counter measure for environmental pollution
2. Boron refining, recovery and reuse
3. Save the operating cost of the system by reusing the boron

< Advantages >
1. Meet the effluent standard ( B < 1 ppm )
2. Reduce the volume of the waste
3. Save the operating cost for the recovery
4. Achieve the recovery at high purity

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