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Mitsubishi Chemical Aqua Solutions Co., Ltd. is a sole agent of DIAION in Japan and develops the sales activities since in 1954 when Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. has started the manufacturing styrene base ion exchange.
DIAION is used widely from making the boiler feed water, process water producing to removing specific component by chelating resin, de coloring, adsorption and separation use by ion exchange resin or non-ionic adsorbent, high porous polymer HP series.

< Application >

Substance to be treated Treating process Resin to be used
Adipic acid Catalyst PK228, PK220, PK228L
Ascorbic acid Refining SK1B, PK228
Alcohol Desalination SK1B, SA10A, WA30
Amino acid Separation/refining SK1B, SKL10, SK104, WA30, PA412
Isomerase Desalination PK220, PK228, WA30, WA21
Uranium Extract/refining SA10A, NSA100
Brine Ca removal CR11
Oligosaccharide Oligosaccharide PK218, PK228, WA30, PA408
Casein Refining PK228, PK220
Galactose/fructose Separation UBK
Xylitol Refining SK, WA, WK, PA
Citric acid Desalination PK228, PK220, WA30
Glycerol Desalination PK216, PK218, WA30, PA412, PA308
Glucose Desalination PK218, PK228, WA30, PA408
Glucose/fructose Separation UBK555
Chromate Recovery PA316, WA30
Cobalt Refining WA20, WA21, CR20
Cobalt Recovery/concentration WK40
Milk Na removal SK1B, PK228
Gold Recovery SA11A, SA10A
Enzyme Immobilization HPA25, CR20
Sugar Decolorization PA308, SA11A
Sugar Desalination PK220, WA30, PA312, WK11
Sugar Recovery UBK
Sugar Softening PK220
Streptmycin Separation/refining WK11
Gelatin Desalination PK216, PK218, WA30, WA21
Sorbitol Desalination PK218, PK228, WA30, PA408
Tartaric acid Refining PK218, PK228, WA30
Medicine Medical drug SK1B, SA10A
Galvanizing Water recovery PK218, PK220, WA30, PA418,CR11
Paint for electro-deposition Refining SA10A, WK40
Copper Recovery/concentration PK228, PK220, WK20X
Nickel Iron, cobalt removal PA316
Lactic acid Desalination PK228, PK220, WA30, WA21
Phenol Recovery WA30, HP
Fructose Desalination PK218, PK228, WA30
Fruits juice Acid removal WA30, WA21
Formalin Desalination WA20, WA21, SA12A, PK220
Lactose Softening WK40
Lysine Extract/refining SKL10
Phosphoric acid pickling Refining PK228

For the detailed information regarding Diaion, please contact to Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. home page.

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