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Sales Division Activities

Water Treatment Division Phone+81-3-6748-7462 / Fax+81-3-5487-7524

  We will provide the designing, manufacturing, construction, trial run and after service work for water treatment plants on various industries according to customer requests.
Major water treatment plants are ;
Coagulator/precipitator, floatator, filter, activated carbon adsorber and membrane system to remove the suspended solids or organic matters from the raw water
Softener to remove hardness, demineralizer to eliminate ionic components and silica and condensate polishing plant
Degasifier to remove dissolved gasses
Approx. 300 series of standard sized water treatment equipment to meet customer needs with short delivery term and low price
Demineralized and sterilized water producing for soft drinks and alcoholic drinks, and water reclaim plants from rinsers in drink industry
Ultrapure water producing plants to be used for rinsing various products such as semiconductor devices in electronic industry
Reuse plants for used process water in electronic industry
Waste water treatment plants to meet environmental regulations in electronic industry
  We will also supply the optimum water treatment chemical and the related equipment with our past experiences and technologies for cooling water, water for air conditioning and so on to prevent various problems due to the water quality. We support customer's daily operation by assisting water control at customer site by our staff.

Specialty Plant & Materials Division Phone+81-3-6748-7468 / Fax+81-3-5487-7526

  We will help the separation/refining work of valuable components applicable to foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products close to our daily life.
Our chromatographic separation system, Improved Simulated Moving Bed (ISMB(R)) system is essential technology to produce sweetening for soft drinks.
We will also supply secondary brine purification plants and sulfate and chlorate removal plants from the brine in chlor-alkali industry.
And furthermore, we deal with highly efficient ion exchange resin DIAION(R).

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